Link Exchange

If you are looking to increase activity/exposure of your website, then we have a link exchange programme for each of our sites; TriBlogs, BikeBlogs, SwimBlogs, RowBlogs and RunBlogs.

If you run a website related to any of the above then get in touch. We can discuss different options for increasing traffic and exposure to your site

Banner Advertising

We also offer Banner Advertising on our site. We have a dedicated and active membership as well as external traffic to the member Blogs, Forum and Directory. There are many different opportunities to sponsor different parts of the websites with a choice of size and placement of banner(s).

We have 3 different sizes/placements of adverts which are shown in detail in the layout guide below. Your advert will be shown for 6 months in a per page rotation. We are also offering a permanent advert in our directory to your site (you can add your business here) which you can add yourself.

Ad Layout Guide

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Adverts should be jpeg, gif or png.

Creating a Banner Advert

  • Choose the advert type you would like to use,
    • Main banner (best for brand exposure), Small banner or Side link (best for click-throughs)
  • Create your advert to the dimensions shown in the layout guide,
  • Create a link on your website using any of our image links (below), or if more appropriate to your site a text link. Please use correct link for the appropriate site;
    • TriBlogs -
    • RowBlogs -
    • SwimBlogs -
    • RunBlogs -
    • BikeBlogs -
  • If you would like more information then please contact us
  • Once we have confirmed you are happy with the advert we will have your ad live within 48 hours
Adding a link to your Website

If you would like to add one of our site links to your own website then we woudl be very happy for you to do so. Please see a few examples of link icons below. There are many other options available on request

Simple Logos

Free triathlon training diary

Plan, Record & Share

Various other dimensions available on request
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