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Good site overall, just keep tuning and keeping it live and modern :)
mickdoyleconsett , TriBlogs Nov 28th 2010
Great bit of kit!
Flan , TriBlogs Nov 28th 2010
Triblogs is a really powerful tool for planning and monitoring training; short, medium and long term. Garmin uploading and daily email reminders are just two of the great time-saving features of this very powerful and reasonably priced software. From the basic user who just wants to plot distance and time, to the techno-geek who wants cadence, power, HR, and all the different training zones, and all compared to every previous training session so performance and improvement can be measured to the tightest level of accuracy.
Justinsanderson , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
Amazingly functionally online training / inspiration tool.
grantsmith , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
I have been very impressed with the ease of use and straightforward nature of the TriBlogs platform. This allows me to interact easily with my coach wherever I am, and also gives me easy to follow and useful feedback on my training.
Robrun1 , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
Triblogs is an invaluable resource for the amateur triathlete, regardless of ability. It enables me to accurately plan and track my training, as well as monitor progress and identify weak points.
prhim , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
Triblogs is a fantastic resourse. I use it both as an athlete for my own records, and as a coach to communicate with athletes and keep an eye on their training. It allows for everything from simple, general guidance on a monthly basis to detailed, timed content for every session, every day. Thank you!
edwarma , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
Triblogs motivates me to plan more than I would normally and provides interesting insights into what training I really do as opposed to the training I imagine I do!
paul.smws , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
Excellent easy to user planner and training diary. Recommended
, TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
I love this site - it was recommended by a club mate - and is SO much better than my diary! You kind of want to get up and run in the dark - just to fill in the diary! Weird but true!
Trihardmum , TriBlogs Nov 27th 2010
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