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A great community to be part of! I feel like part of a family.
Spikulinioso , TriBlogs Feb 15th 2011
Great site to keep track of training, upcoming races and the blogging is an excellent source of motivation!
gocolettego , TriBlogs Feb 15th 2011
A brilliant free service for when I'm ticking over, and then I'm happy to pay for the enhanced website when I'm having a more serious year training. Thanks Dave
Steven , TriBlogs Feb 15th 2011
stevenvdgender , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2011
Great for training/race recording
AlexHa , TriBlogs Feb 14th 2011
Helps me to identify good race preparations and see what worked good for me. Enables me to keep track of my traning so I can more easily avoid over-training.
jakobbonne , TriBlogs Feb 13th 2011
Absolutely brilliant - I find it amazingly motivational to have all my training sessions laid out and I love the chart to log my progress.
catherineharker , TriBlogs Feb 13th 2011
A really helpful tool for tracking training, absolute magic
baldmunkie , TriBlogs Feb 13th 2011
I would be lost without it
ironman48 , TriBlogs Feb 13th 2011
Triblogs is just great, free and easy access from anywhere to my training diary and session plan!
wellze , TriBlogs Feb 12th 2011
Great site and great motivational tool. A real help in getting to grips with regular training.
GrahamS , TriBlogs Feb 8th 2011
Using TriBlogs while training for my first Ironman last year really helped my motivation; it was really helpful to look back over my progress and see how I'd improved
tri_lottie , TriBlogs Jan 20th 2011
Great way to encourage me to train after pregnancy. I can see where I am in relation to previous fitness and watch the gap close as I get back into training. It's really motivating!
Ruth , TriBlogs Jan 18th 2011
This is a great site. Logging and tracking my workouts has been a key element in my training program.
ldevore , TriBlogs Jan 10th 2011
A great site with a huge range of functionality that you can dip into as and when you need it.
nicharker , TriBlogs Jan 10th 2011
Invaluable tool for keeping my coach informed of my progress and him to supply plans
pedenny , TriBlogs Jan 9th 2011
Anyone with OCD will love it!
trilifedb , TriBlogs Dec 9th 2010
Reasonably priced for a very useful service. Best thing: It is work in progress and good ideas are implemented fast.
Ibing , TriBlogs Dec 6th 2010
I have been using TriBlogs for nearly 4 years. It has helped me to train smarter and to understand when fatigue is about to kick in.
Mitch , TriBlogs Nov 28th 2010
I have used Triblogs for 4/5 years and consistantly Triblogs proves itself the best in market.
Ian Jones , TriBlogs Nov 28th 2010
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