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As a coach, I use Triblogs to interface with my athletes as it is the most intuitive and comprehensive tool I have found for such a reasonable price. It really helps that it is free for my athletes to use, so I don't need to do any selling. The creater is on an ongoing improvement mission, too, so it just keeps getting better and better!

Nadia Saba, BTF Level 3 Triathlon Coach
Nadia , TriBlogs Jul 8th 2012
TriBlogs is a superb coaching tool. It allows coaches to plan your athletes seasons, weeks, days and individual sessions, keep track of what they complete and store and use your favourite sessions in an easy to use, clear to see functional way. Extra tools for planning races, goal setting, and keeping track of progression through repeating testing makes the best training tool for coaches and it's also great value for money.

Andy Bullock, BTF Level 3 Triathlon Coach
AndyB , TriBlogs Jul 8th 2012
I have been using the 'coach' function in Triblogs for the last 4 years. The athletes I coach have found it enormously useful for a number of reasons: it saves time, is available anywhere, simply keeps track of overall training stats, and can deliver exactly the right amount of detail for each person.

From a coach point of view it has some great functions that really make things easier - being able to compare 'plan' and 'diary' side by side, the option for 'private' notes which the athlete won't see, and things like 'duplicate' for easily putting in regular, repeated training sessions. Moving sessions around can be done very quickly, which offers athletes a greater level of certainty and confidence in their plan - it is telling that where athletes opt not to use triblogs, but say rely on me emailing them an excel sheet or something similar, I find they are much less likely to do what I ask of them, and generally are less consistent in their training.

The site is quick and intuitive to use, and Dave/Sarah respond very quickly to suggestions for tweaks here and there.

Matt Edwards, BTF Level 3 Triathlon Coach
edwarma , TriBlogs Jul 8th 2012
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