About us

Developer: Dave Oziem
David Oziem
Dave designed, coded, re-designed, re-coded, re-re-designed, re-re-coded, re-re-re-... RowBlogs.

In the beginning (2005), Dave created TriBlogs because he could not find an online tool to record his triathlon training. As a computer science graduate he hadn't considered it to be much of a challenge, just a few database tables a few input forms and 'Hey presto!'. Years later and still developing he conceeds it ain't as simple as he thought!

You can read his blog here.
Brand Manager: Sarah Leonard
Brand Manager
Sarah Leonard
Sarah is our newest member of the team and is a sports enthusiast and an Ironman finisher (yay!). Sarah has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters in Marketing and says that working on RowBlogs is her dream job! She is also Dave's girlfriend (lucky boy).

You can read her blog here.
Coach: Andy Bullock
Andy Bullock
Andy is our resident sports scientist and has overseen the development of TriBlogs from the very beginning. Andy has just about all the sports qualifications that we can think of and won the 220 triathlon coach of the year in 2007 and 2008!

To find out more about Andy's coaching see his website or you can read his blog here
RowBlogs needs you! Your blogs, your chat, your training, your ideas all contribute to improving RowBlogs! And we're not just copying that windows7 rubbish, we genuinely listen to what your saying and try our best to fit your needs.

If you find something you think should be done differently let us now.

Special Acknowledgements

Designer: Matt Newman
Matt Newman
Matt designed and created the lovely sports icons that we use on the site. Many thanks Matt!
Sarah Leonard, Claire Oziem, Nadia Saba (grammar genius), James Leith, Chris Stott (first member)