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So there I was pretty much passed out on the floor, sweat dripping down my face, regretting that last easter egg. I could barely manage 20 minutes of circuits and I claimed to be an athlete, and a 'fit' one at that. It brought about a few ...
Mar 31st 2013 by challenge57kg GBR
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Notifications When there's new content on the site we now have a quick way to let you know! A notification icon will appear showning the number of alerts relevant to the section. i.e. if there's a new forum post on a thread that you ha...
Nov 21st 2010 by Oziem GBR Premium
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8,473m / 30:00.0 / 01:46.2 / 27 / PB PPTG Week 3 Steady-distance 30min+, decided to have a crack at previous 30min constant row piece (8,436m). Started off at good pace of 1:46 for first 15 mins, unfortunately pace dropped slightly during ...
Jun 11th 2011 by observer9 GBR
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Aug 14th 2018 by observer9
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