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This blog is being devoted to log my trials & tribulations whilst undertaking my new passion of Ergo Indoor Rowing. The blog will act as an on-line digital rowing logbook and to record my rowing training, dedication, motivation and hopefully setting new Personal Bests (PBs). You can also find me on Twitter, as @observerrow, and I welcome more followers everywhere I am.

PPTG Rest Day

observer9by observer9Jul 9th 2011
09 July 2011
PPTG Week 7 REST day as I have a 10k We-Row Web-Race tomorrow and my radial nerve is still sore. Next week is the final PPTG of a 8 week period which covered 3 x Core Sessions & 3 x Steady-Distance weekly sessions. Commencing from 18 Jul there will be a change in emphasis of the training where I will be joining the Sprint Training Group.

The Sprint Training Group as a focus distance will be aiming towards 1k pieces, but will also fit in a fast 500m TT towards the end of the 8 weeks too, as the training will be beneficial for that. The majority of the core sessions will be faster than 2k pace. They will be intense, and it will be tough for the first few weeks. However big changes in training emphasis brings about big adaption gains potentially. Looking forward to this group so that I can focus and improve my sprint distances especially power/torque and be able to pull consistently sub 1:39 pace for 500m - 2000m pieces!
PPTG Core 10k
observer9by observer9 Jul 8th 2011
08 July 2011 10,000m / 35:32.0 / 01:46.6 / 26 PPTG Week 7 final core faster distance session which included a 10k with a target of 1:48 - 1:47 pace. Kept rigidly to 1:47 pace for first 6k (in fact I was 19m, ahead of that pace at 6k!), pace suffer...
observer9by observer9 Jul 7th 2011
07 July 2011 12,000m / 44:35.9 / 01:51.4 / 24 Following a tough Core session yesterday, the aim today was for a slow and steady 12k piece. Decided to row at 1:53 - 1:54 pace which I maintained comfortably, at the 10k point increased the intensity ...
PPTG Wk7 Core 5 x 1500m
observer9by observer9 Jul 6th 2011
06 July 2011 7,500m / 25:23.3 / 01:41.5 / 30 PPTG Week 7: Core Endurance session 5 x 1500m r5 with a target pace @ 1:42 - 1:43. An enjoyable but very tough session especially reps 4 & 5 to maintain 1:42 pace from a static start over 1500m! 5 x...
PPTG 8 X 500m
observer9by observer9 Jul 4th 2011
04 July 2011 4,000m / 13:00.1 / 01:37.5 / 31 5,000m / 17:16.2 / 01:43.6 / 28 PPTG Week 7: 8 x 500m r3:30 Core Interval Sprint Session with a target of 1:39 - 1:38 pace and 1 sec pace band. managed to row the reps to prescribed pace and within 1 ...
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