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challenge57kgby challenge57kgMar 31st 2013
So there I was pretty much passed out on the floor, sweat dripping down my face, regretting that last easter egg. I could barely manage 20 minutes of circuits and I claimed to be an athlete, and a 'fit' one at that. It brought about a few moments of reflection. Somewhere down the line (about 5 years ago...!) I lost my way somewhat. At the age of 18 I was brimming with energy, striving for the Olympics on that fateful afternoon when I first tried my hand at rowing, albeit it a huge plastic tub. By the time I was 21 I was 2 stone heavier, touching 12 stone, round faced, and puffing about just walking. Where had this energetic, happy, slim girl gone?
Thankfully, in the last two years I have shifted that cumbersome 2 stone so I can save you from the tales of yoyo dieting and those first few painful steps back into running (or plodding as it was at the time!).
This instead is hopefully the beginning of my story, one that sees me lifting my efforts once more and becoming more than I ever have been. I now want to be a lightweight rower, or at least do my level best to get there. I want to get supremely fit in time for my graduate medicine course which starts in October at Warwick, so I can walk straight into their best squad and get the seat I want in their best boat (stroke of course!)

I will post about training, eating, moaning, aching, relationshipping and whatever else pops into my mind
For now? Recovering from circuits with Doctor Who on iplayer!

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